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One Whole Year...One Mission...
One Fate...Two Destinies.

Roe, a pilot with the Nomad Division, is sent on a one-year deep space recon mission. A mission few return from. This is the only way to assure citizenship and eventually start a new family with his wife, Rene. After crashing on a desolate planet, Roe struggles to maintain his sanity as his decisions begin to haunt him. He will gain way or another.
This is writer/director Damon Stout's first science fiction short film. Shot on 35mm in 5 days, “Nomad Roe” is a visual tapestry of story-telling which relies on style, mood, and emotion. More of a tone poem than a traditional narrative, this film and its emotionally punctuated score, reaches a stylistically minimalist method of filmmaking. Its sparse exposition of myth and technology makes way for the sweeping visuals and underlying themes.
Short films, unlike feature length projects, must reach all the traditional story-telling aspects in a truncated period of time. "Nomad, Roe" accomplishes this by way of tone and mood. Its plot, settings, and characters, all participate in- rather than dominate the narrative. Photography and music are the other characters that round out this film and complete the final mosaic. In its 23 minute running time, "Nomad, Roe" designs a futuristic semi-fascist society, which allows for speculation and innuendo, but still at its heart, an emotional core of simple and loss, future and past.

"Nomad, Roe" received an Emmy Award for Creative Technical Craft at the Los Angeles Local Emmy Awards. Presented in June of 2000 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, "Nomad, Roe" was the first statue awarded for the evening by host, Louie Anderson.
"Nomad, Roe" in Variety

Dolby Digital 5.1
23 min.
Written, Produced and
Directed by: Damon Stout
DP: Ken Glassing
Score: Damon Stout
Roe: Steve Hanneman
Rene: Tara Bonilla
Dex: Kenny Johnston
Tam: Laleh Geran
Vik: Mike Wells

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All content and images; Stoutheart Entertainment
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